Media articles: detention

Judge orders release of refugee claimant jailed 'for no real reason' 14 aoû 2017 Toronto Star
'Why is this man in prison?', judge asks government lawyer in immigration detention case 13 aoû 2017 Toronto Star
Red Cross to monitor Canada's immigration detention centres 28 jui 2017 CBC News
Trudeau government must limit length of time unwanted migrants can be detained 26 jui 2017 Toronto Star
Nouveau centre de détention pour immigrants à Laval en 2020 15 jui 2017 Le Devoir
Immigration board refuses to release four-year detainee Ebrahim Toure 12 jui 2017 The Toronto Star
Heated exchange over legal rights as lawyers battle to have refugee claimant let out of jail 19 juin 2017 The Toronto Star
Why Canada needs limits on immigration detention 13 juin 2017 National: Canadian Bar Association
Lengthy immigration detention needed to ensure public safety, federal lawyers argue 17 mai 2017 Toronto Star
Immigrant detention system not flawless but legal, government lawyer says 16 mai 2017 CBC News
Immigration detention is unconstitutional, lawyers argue in Federal Court 16 mai 2017 The Star
Ottawa défend sa politique de détention préventive en immigration 16 mai 2017 La Presse
'Last resort': Why Canada indefinitely jails immigration detainees, including kids 16 mai 2017 CBC News
Federal Court hearing landmark challenge on indefinite immigration detention 15 mai 2017 CBC News
Faut-il limiter à 90 jours les détensions d'immigrants? 15 mai 2017 Radio-Canada
Immigration detainee freed after being held in Canada for 7 years due to 'legal limbo' 1 mai 2017 CBC News
Le plus ancien détenu à des fins d'immigration au Canada est libéré 29 avr 2017 Journal de Montréal
Jailed seven years by Canada, Kashif Ali now walks free 28 avr 2017 Toronto Star
Senators call for end to detention of children in immigration cases 21 avr 2017 SenCa
Judge grills government on how long is too long in immigration detention 20 avr 2017 Toronto Star
3 out of 135 recent asylum seekers deemed danger to the public, detained in Manitoba 19 avr 2017 CBC News
Canada's immigration detainees being locked up based on dodgy risk assessments, Star finds 12 avr 2017 Toronto Star
Ottawa is rethinking its approach to immigration detention 9 avr 2017 Toronto Star
Government of Canada seeks public input to transform Canada's immigration detention system 7 avr 2017 Edmonton Journal
Canada should put limits on detention for migrants 24 mar 2017 Toronto Star
Immigration detainee shouldn’t be in maximum-security jail, government critics say 23 mar 2017 Toronto Star
Canada has detained more Mexicans in 2 months than in all of 2016 18 mar 2017 CBC News
CBSA detaining record number of Mexicans in 2017 17 mar 2017 Global News
Caged by Canada 17 mar 2017 Toronto Star
12 people detained by border services in Manitoba jails since January 12 mar 2017 CTV News