Baby steps: When will the government absorb refugee transportation loans?

28 sep 2010

‘Ping’ – that’s the sound of a new message in my inbox.  ‘Hooray!’ is rarely the sound you’ll hear from me when opening an email, but yesterday’s news was one of those rare exceptions.  We received news that the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) has passed a resolution calling on the Canadian government to absorb the cost of refugee transportation loans.  This is a tremendous endorsement for a change that the Canadian Council for Refugees has been pushing for the past few years. 


The FCM’s resolution did not come out of nowhere.  There have been many dedicated individuals – staff at local immigration organizations, healthcare workers, educators and municipal counsellors – all working towards this same goal.  Many thanks are due to everyone who got us this far.


These positive actions to ease the burden of transportation loans for refugees haven’t yet resulted in a concrete change in government policy.  We still need your help and the voices of others!  Act today.  Encourage your town or city council to adopt a similar resolution calling on the federal government to absorb the costs of transportation loans for refugees.  To find out how, see:


Every individual step moves us closer to the goal of freeing refugees from the burden of debt, enabling them to integrate much more quickly and to contribute to society at their full potential.


For more information about refugee transportation loans and on the negative impacts they are having on refugee families and local communities, see: