What Canada can and should be doing

Canada can and must open its doors to refugees. In past refugee crises Canada has responded quickly and decisively. The same level of commitment is needed now.

The CCR recommends that Canada respond to the Syrian refugee crisis as follows:

  • Introduce flexible, family-linked admissions

Flexible measures (such as Temporary Resident Permits) should be introduced for Syrians with family in Canada.

  • Resettle 10,000 Government-Assisted Refugees by the end of 2015

The government should resettle a minimum of 10,000 Syrians, brought to Canada immediately. 

  • Facilitate the private sponsorship of Syrians

Canadians should be encouraged and supported in resettling additional numbers of Syrian refugees.

  • Commit to a dramatic increase in resources

The government must allocate significantly more resources (human, financial and logistical) in order to realize these recommendations. 

  • Convene a summit to plan medium and long term response

A national meeting should be convened involving all levels of government as well as representatives of civil society to plan Canada’s resettlement response beyond the end of 2015, and to discuss how to mobilize and coordinate contributions from all sections of society.

  • Maintain responses to other refugees

In responding to the urgent needs of Syrian refugees, the needs of other refugees must also be met. They should not be penalized because of the response to Syrians.

For the full recommendations, see:

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