Labour Trafficking & Migrant Workers in British Columbia

West Coast Domestic Workers' Association (WCDWA)
This report builds on a previous report, "Access To Justice For Migrant Workers In BC" published in 2013 by the West Coast Domestic Workers' Association, by focusing on labour trafficking and how the conditions and systems described in the 2013 report create environments of vulnerability that enable trafficking and trafficking-like situations to occur. This report aims to be a resource for WCDWA, other migrant workers’ advocacy groups and organizations, and policy makers in their efforts to protect migrant workers’ rights in BC. It also will contribute to the larger debate that recognizes the urgent need for systemic solutions that involve reforming legislative frameworks, committing more resources to supporting survivors of trafficking, investing in training front line responders on how to handle labour trafficking cases, and reforming labour and immigration policies that create employer-employee power imbalances and can lead to environments where labour trafficking can occur.
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