The Hearing Preparation Kit

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The Hearing Preparation Kit contains four guides that give information to support the use of the Hearing Preparation Form (HPF), and to guide preparation for the refugee hearing. 



Guide 1: Understanding the Refugee Claim 

Guide 1 explains how to use the Hearing Preparation Form (HPF) to understand a refugee claim and what evidence a claimant needs to prove it. The HPF is based on the definitions of a Convention Refugee and of a Person in need of Protection.  It is designed to help identify the most important facts in the refugee claim and the evidence needed to prove them.

Guide 1 is on pages 2-4 of the Hearing Preparation Kit.


Guide 2: Getting Evidence for your Hearing

The purpose of Guide 2 is to explain the two types of evidence that a refugee claimant can use to prove his or her claim: documents and witnesses. At the refugee hearing, claimants are required to prove they would be in danger if they went back to their country of nationality.  To do this, they need to provide evidence of:

  • their  identity and nationality,
  • their specific refugee story, and
  • general information about conditions in their country (showing why they are in danger if they return to their country).

Guide 2 is on pages 5-12 of the Hearing Preparation Kit.


Guide 3: Preparing Evidence for your Hearing

The purpose Guide 3 is to help claimants prepare and submit their evidence to the Immigration and Refugee Board (the Board).  The Board has strict rules about how and when evidence should be submitted.  This guide explains how to prepare and submit documents, and how to prepare witnesses.  Finally, it explains what to do when a claimant receives documents from the Board or from the Minister’s Counsel.

Guide 3 is on pages 13-18 of the Hearing Preparation Kit.


Guide 4: The Refugee Hearing

The refugee hearing is the claimant’s opportunity to tell his or her story and present the evidence referred to in Guide 2: Getting Evidence for your Hearing. The purpose of Guide 4 is to explain who will take part in the hearing, what will happen at the hearing, and how claimants can best tell their story and present their evidence.

Guide 4 is on pages 19-27 of the Hearing Preparation Kit.


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