Issue Paper: Abuse of a Position of Vulnerability and other "Means" Within the Definition of Trafficking in Persons

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United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)
The purpose of this issue paper is to clarify the key concept of abuse of a position of vulnerability as a means of the crime of trafficking in persons in the definition contained in Article 3 of the Trafficking in Persons Protocol. Drawing on interviews with practitioners from 12 States (Canada, Belgium, Brazil, Egypt, India, Mexico, Netherlands (the), Nigeria, Republic of Moldova (the), Switzerland, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the), and United States of America (the)), and finalized with input received during an expert group meeting, two products were developed, the issue paper and a corresponding Guidance Note that aims to assist criminal justice officers in penal proceedings.
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Guidance Note also in French.


Guidance Note on "abuse of a position of vulnerability" as a means of trafficking in persons:

The purpose of this Guidance Note is to assist criminal justice practitioners in understanding and applying "abuse of a position of vulnerability" (APOV) as a means of trafficking in persons, as this concept is included in the definition of trafficking in persons in the Trafficking in Persons Protocol (Trafficking Protocol).

The Guidance Note draws on the UNODC Issue Paper on the same subject, and practitioners are encouraged to consult that document for further information, including insight into national law and practice.