Resolutions adopted November 2002

4. Recognition of foreign credentials


Citizenship and Immigration Canada, HRDC, Industry Canada and Canadian Heritage plan to improve the process for recognizing foreign credentials, for example by allowing for the process to begin overseas; coordinating credential evaluation processes; setting up a single source of information and licensing requirements and establishing norms for work experience;

Therefore be it resolved:

That the CCR advocate with CIC, HRDC, Industry Canada, Canadian Heritage, MRCI and other relevant bodies that:

  1. Those working toward the recognition of foreign trained professionals be involved in the process from the beginning to the end;
  2. Evaluation of the outcomes of this initiative be based on detailed demographic indicators, broken down by gender, age and country of origin.

6. Permanent resident card

  1. The new permanent resident card is costing each immigrant from $50 - $300;
  2. Agency staff is spending inordinate amounts of time in completing these applications;
Therefore be it resolved:

That CCR request

  1. CIC and, where appropriate, the provinces, to facilitate the process of enabling immigrants to obtain permanent resident cards as mandated under IRPA by providing adequate funding to agencies to:
    a) Assist immigrants to complete permanent resident card applications.
    b) Engage Notary Publics, Lawyers or commissioners to administer statutory declarations in support of permanent resident card applications at no cost to the immigrant.
  2. CIC to amend the regulations to simplify the requirements.

13. Long processing times

  1. The Government, in the context of private refugee sponsorship, claims to be committed to the principle of additionality;
  2. Visa post staffing was drastically cut in the mid 90s;
  3. The overseas processing time for refugees is disgracefully long. (Departmental informants tell us that currently, from the time the completed IMM8s are received at the visa post until the interview takes place is 21 months in Nairobi and 36 months in Damascus.)
  4. The overseas delays make it increasingly difficult to sustain the interest of sponsors in the private sponsorship program;
  5. The Government is committed to move toward annual immigration targets of 1% of the population of Canada;
Therefore be it resolved:

That the CCR repeatedly challenge the Government, the Minister and senior government officials directly, and through the media, to increase visa post staffing so refugees can be processed expeditiously and in greater numbers.