Resolutions adopted November 2016

1. Racialization of poverty

  1. The gap between rich and poor in Canada is widening generally, and disproportionately impacts racialized group members;
  2. Inequalities with respect to economic status, health, learning outcomes and more are deep and persistent among members of racialized groups;
  3. These are products of structural and systemic racism and exclusion;
Therefore be it resolved:

that the CCR call on all levels of government in Canada to:

  1. Work to expand fair access to institutions and opportunities;
  2. Promote economic equity and justice;
  3. Seek investments in opportunity and advancement;
  4. Work to ensure that racial equity and racial justice efforts are adequately funded and effectively resourced.

2. Sexual orientation and Gender Identity policies at IRCC and CBSA

  1. Previous CCR resolutions already call on the IRB, IRCC and CBSA to include education and training on LGBT issues;
  2. Previous CCR resolutions already call on the IRB to adopt Guidelines for determination of claims of persecution on the basis of sexual orientation but not on other branches of the immigration system to do so;
  3. The IRB is currently in the process of developing sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) Guidelines and the CCR is participating in the related consultation process;
Therefore be it resolved:

that the CCR call on IRCC, the CBSA and MIDI, as well as provincial and territorial immigration departments to adopt comprehensive internal policies that promote fair, just and equitable treatment related to sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression, and provide ongoing education on these policies. 

3. Climate change

  1. Climate change is having an increasingly dramatic impact on forced migration;
  2. The Paris Agreement recognized the scientific and ethical imperative to mitigate climate change;
Therefore be it resolved:

that the CCR create links with climate justice groups in order to develop a policy and advocate on climate justice issues in the context of uprootedness.