Resolutions adopted May 1995

  1. There have been many refugees found ineligible for government or private sponsorship because of unreasonable decisions by visa officers concerning issues pursuant to S. 19 (1)(e) and S. 19 (1)(f),(k) and (l) of the Immigration Act;
  2. The exception set out in 19(1)(f) establishes no procedure to determine whether a refugee is "detrimental to the national interest";
  3. The phrase "detrimental to the national interest" is too vague and uncertain and needs to be defined;
Therefore be it resolved:

that the CCR call on the Minister to:

  1. Establish a fair procedure to determine if the applicant has met the exceptions set out in 19(f) and (l) and create similar exceptions for subsections (e) and (k);
  2. Define what is meant by the phrase "detrimental to the national interest" in order to avoid vagueness and uncertainty;
  3. Allow a review of these decisions by an independent and impartial tribunal such as the IRB.