Resolutions adopted May 2014

1. Treaties

  1. The CCR resolved in November 2013 to honour all the Treaties upon which this country is founded and which bind all of us as treaty peoples;
  2. Newcomers to Canada enter into that treaty relationship when they become resident in this country;
  3. The State does not make newcomers aware of their treaty responsibilities;
Therefore be it resolved:

that the CCR call on the government of Canada to redress this gap by ensuring newcomers are made aware of their role and responsibilities as treaty peoples by using vehicles, such as:

  • a mandatory component of the LINC/CLIC curriculum;
  • comprehensive treaty information in the newcomers guide by CIC, “Welcome to Canada: What you should know”;
  • comprehensive treaty information in the citizenship study guide by CIC, “Discover Canada: The rights and responsibilities of citizenship”;
  • amending the Canadian citizenship oath to include commitment to uphold treaties with First Peoples.

2. Citizenship


Citizenship is fundamental to who we are as a country;

Therefore be it resolved:

that the CCR take the position that citizenship laws and policies must:

  1. Respect the principle that all citizens are equal.
  2. Embrace newcomers and encourage them to quickly become full participating members of our society.
  3. Recognize the barriers that some newcomers face to full participation, including the particular barriers faced by refugees who have suffered persecution and long years of deprivation.
  4. Respect the principle that citizenship is a status from which rights derive, and is thus similar to our status as human beings. It is not something that can be lost through behaviour.
  5. Have clear and transparent criteria about acquisition and loss of citizenship.
  6. Ensure that individuals have access to a fair hearing before an independent decision-maker, with the right of appeal. Decisions should not be made on a discretionary basis by the Minister.