This section offers an overview of the Private Sponsorship of Refugees (PSR) program, including the basics of refugee sponsorship and some key organizations offering services. It also explores the differences between the program in Quebec and the program that applies in all other provinces and territories.

This section covers the basics of the Private Sponsorship of Refugees program including how it works, who can act as a sponsor, and which refugees can be sponsored. 

Sponsors bringing refugees to Quebec have different options than sponsors in the rest of Canada. In both cases, three program options exist which each have conditions that must be met by both the refugees and the sponsors.  

Many people who decide to sponsor already know the refugee they would like to bring because they are a family member or known to someone in the community. However, matching opportunities exist for people interested to sponsor with no connection to a particular refugee.

There are organizations in place to answer questions or offer support during the application process, and also while the file in process. Different organizations specialize in different services. It is important to know the focus of each group to be sure that you receive the appropriate service.