Finding help with settlement

Settlement services are essential to the integration of a newcomer into Canadian society. There are a huge variety of services offered by different community organizations and often services are available in multiple languages.


Settlement services

Federal and provincial governments have funded many different community organizations to help newcomers settle in Canada. It is highly recommended that you find an agency in your neighbourhood or city that can help with the integration of the sponsored family. These agencies can offer up-to-date and regionally appropriate advice and are a great resource to be connected with.

These services are offered at little or no cost.

Examples of services include:

  • language assessments and classes
  • help finding a job
  • help with daily life such as finding a place to live, and filling out forms or applications

To find an agency near you, follow this interactive map.

For Québec:

To find out what services are offered

To find an organization in your area (in French only) 

For the rest of Canada:

To find an organization in your area

Useful information

The Refugee Sponsorship Training Program has many great factsheets available, including about the Child Tax Benefit and Locating Community Resources.

Many settlement organizations have excellent websites with local suggestions for resources. See above for the links to find an organization in your area and look at their website.