Resources for refugees and sponsors

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Many great resources exist already to try to simplify the complexities of a sponsored refugee’s first year in Canada. These resources build on the experiences and best practices of many groups so it is well worth the time to review them. 

Topics covered

Resources for sponsored persons

Resources for sponsors


Resources for sponsored persons

There are resources available in many languages that are geared towards refugees to explain the refugee sponsorship program, and also important information about Canada.

About private refugee sponsorship

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) Bulletins explaining the private sponsorship program (available in 11 languages)

About life in Canada

The Refugee Sponsorship Training Program (RSTP) has put together information about What to Expect in Canada

Video “First two weeks in Canada

Guide Get to Know Canada

The rights of privately sponsored refugees

The RSTP has created information sheets explaining the rights of sponsored persons (in English and Arabic)


Resources for sponsors

These resources offer practical tools about how to ensure that the refugee’s first year in Canada goes smoothly and that sponsors and refugees maintain good relationships with each other.

Managing expectations

As a sponsor, it is important to realize what your expectations are of the sponsorship and ensure that they are reasonable and realistic.

Video exploring sponsors’ and refugees’ perspectives about sponsorship

Resource document on managing expectations

These resources are directed especially at groups sponsoring refugees who are unknown to them, but could be useful even for people sponsoring refugees who are members of their family.

Code of Ethics for groups involved in private sponsorship

As a sponsor it is important to respect the refugee’s rights to respect and privacy during the sponsorship period. This code is a resource that can be tailored to any group, whether it be an organization, or a group of individuals.

Do’s and Don’ts of Settlement

The RSTP, in their Handbook for Sponsoring Groups, has developed many great resources and checklists for sponsors. Be sure to check out Chapter 7: Settlement Planning and Chapter 8: The First Year and Beyond.

Background documents on different refugee profiles

Learning about the country of origin of the refugee you are sponsoring can be very helpful to know the history, customs, food, language, and social norms.

Refugee Backgrounders

Specifically about Syria: population profile

Resources to Support LGBTQ Newcomers

Members of the LGBTQ community might be in need of more specialized resources. Contact a local settlement organization to get a referral in your area.