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A permanent residence card is an important document which confirms a person’s status in Canada and allows them access to certain resources. It is sent automatically to newly arrived sponsored persons. To avoid problems or delays, a sponsored person's mailing address must be up to date, and that the card is renewed before it expires. 

Topics covered

Getting a card the first time

Renewing a card

Other information


Getting a card the first time

Sponsored refugees don’t need to apply for a permanent residence (PR) card when they first arrive. It will be automatically sent to the mailing address they have listed in Canada. Normally, they will use a photo already included in the application, or take a new photo at the airport when the person arrives. If Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) needs a new photo, they will send a letter with instructions.

The processing times for PR cards can vary. For the current processing time see here.

If the processing time has passed, and the card has not been received, it is possible to inquire by telephone. Speaking to an agent at the IRCC call center can take a long time, so be sure to call when you have plenty of time.

It is important for newcomers to update their contact information in Canada. If IRCC does not have a mailing address, they cannot send the PR card. If the PR card has not been claimed within 6 months, it will be destroyed and to get a new one the sponsored person must apply and pay a fee.


Renewing a card

It is necessary to renew a permanent resident (PR) card when it expires. This can be done by completing an application, submitting photos and some supporting documents, and paying a fee. For the exact instructions and application see here.


Other information

The Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website has many instructions related to permanent residence (PR) including what to do in case of:

  • Loss of the PR card
  • How to replace or renew a PR card if you are outside of Canada
  • Other unforeseen problems

For more information about any of these situations, see the Frequently Asked Questions section of the IRCC website.