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G5 sponsor survey

Please consider completing the CCR's survey if you have experiences linked to Groups of 5 Sponsors and Community sponsors.

Participating in this survey would allow us to better understand and learn from your experience and ideas, and take action to – we hope – improve the experiences of future G5 sponsors

Deadline: Thursday 14 November.

Once an application is complete, it is first submitted inside Canada, then is transferred overseas to a visa office. The processing time varies by visa office, and is between one and several years. Refugees are then called for an interview, after which a positive or negative decision is given. If the refugee is approved, admissibility checks are performed and travel arrangements are made. 

Once the documents for both the refugee and the sponsors are ready, the complete application can be submitted to the government. The file is first sent to a government office inside of Canada, either by mail or email.

After an application is submitted in Canada, it is sent overseas to be processed. This processing time can vary between one and several years depending on where the refugee is living. It may be necessary during this time for sponsors to update the file. 

After a period of processing at the visa office overseas, the refugee will be called for an interview. Once a refugee receives notification of their interview, there are resources available to prepare. The interview is critical for the outcome of the case. 

If a refugee is accepted after their interview, they will go through three admissibility checks before their travel to Canada is arranged. If the application is refused, then the sponsors will have to decide if they wish to appeal the decision. 

Once a refugee has gone through their admissibility screenings they are ready to travel to Canada. Travel arrangements and orientation training are normally arranged by the International Organization for Migration. Once everything has been finalized, the sponsors are informed.