Media articles: Trafficking

Recruiting teens for prostitution nets High River woman 2-year sentence 17 Aug 2017
Government of Canada supports the Blue Door Program in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador 17 Aug 2017
Woman, 18, and female youth charged with sex trafficking local girl 16 Aug 2017
Canada’s flight attendants urged to take training to spot signs of human trafficking 11 Aug 2017
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How a girl living in a Guelph group home ended up in a sex trafficking ring 10 Aug 2017
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As more crime becomes digital, Canada needs a serious security update 21 Jul 2017
Two former bishops guilty of polygamy involving isolated sect in Bountiful, B.C. 24 Jul 2017
'They are so incredibly brainwashed': A daughter's spiral into human trafficking 16 Jul 2017
New program offers support for people who want to leave sex trade 14 Jul 2017
Kingston not immune to human trafficking 13 Jul 2017
Buying sex is illegal, billboard campaign reminds Edmontonians 12 Jul 2017
'As soon as we shine a light, it flees': Paul Brandt raises his voice against human trafficking 5 Jul 2017
In memory of Janos Acs 4 Jul 2017
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Ottawa family building school in Madagascar to prevent child trafficking 18 Jun 2017
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Canadian girls being targeted for sex trafficking 13 Jun 2017