In the media: Migrant workers

Title Date Type Source URL
Temporary foreign worker dies in freak accident, leaves chilling testimony - Montreal - CBC News 9 Sep 2014 Article CBC Link
Group pushes for permanent residency status for temporary foreign workers 20 Aug 2014 Article Edmonton Journal Link
Changes needed for Canada's live-in caregiver program 15 Aug 2014 Op-ed CBC News Link
Protect Migrant Workers in our Communities 7 Aug 2014 Op-ed The Windsor Star Link
Filipino Canadians fear end of immigrant dreams for nannies 22 Jul 2014 Article Toronto Star Link
Liberals introduce law to protect vulnerable workers in Ontario 16 Jul 2014 Article Toronto Star Link
Kill Canada's temporary foreign worker program 7 Jul 2014 Column Toronto Star Link
Ottawa's overhaul ignores abuse of migrant workers 2 Jul 2014 Op-ed Toronto Star Link
Manitoba’s foreign worker strategy called a model for other provinces 2 Jul 2014 Article The Globe and Mail Link
Foreign workers on P.E.I. ignored in heated debate about program 30 Jun 2014 Article The Guardian Link
Why not use refugees to solve our Temporary Foreign Worker problem? 26 Jun 2014 Op-ed Globe and Mail Link
Give foreign workers more choice 24 Jun 2014 Editorial Winnipeg Free Press Link
Foreign worker reforms don’t solve problem 24 Jun 2014 Column Waterloo Record Link
Temporary foreign workers should be given citizenship, B.C. union says 22 Jun 2014 Article National Post Link
Ottawa complique l'embauche de travailleurs étrangers 21 Jun 2014 Article Le Soleil Link
Federal government has done no temporary foreign worker inspections 20 Jun 2014 Article Toronto Star Link
Hiring foreign workers in Canada is a crime, but outsourcing overseas is fine 20 Jun 2014 Article National Post Link
Ottawa unveils sweeping changes to foreign workers program 20 Jun 2014 Article Globe and Mail Link
Ottawa reins in temporary foreign worker program 16 Jun 2014 Editorial Toronto Star Link
Alberta MPs say foreign worker program changes will exacerbate labour shortage 13 Jun 2014 Article Globe and Mail Link
Tories want better data to help fix temporary foreign worker program 11 Jun 2014 Article Toronto Star Link
Let's take the 'temporary' out of temporary foreign workers 11 Jun 2014 Column National Post Link
Liberal motion on TFW program calls for complaint system, mandatory audits 28 May 2014 Article CBC News Link
Komagata Maru centennial linked to temporary foreign worker controversy 22 May 2014 Article The Tyee Link
The inherent racism of the temporary foreign worker program 21 May 2014 Op-ed Toronto Star Link