In the media: Migrant workers

Title Date Type Source URL
Give migrant workers services, residency: report 30 Mar 2016 Article RCI Link
Migrant workers stiffed: report 30 Mar 2016 Article Winnipeg Free Press Link
Les travailleurs migrants sont vulnérables à l’exploitation et aux mauvais traitements | JDM 29 Mar 2016 Article Journal de Montréal Link
Migrant farm worker launches discrimination complaint against WSIB 21 Mar 2016 Article Toronto Star Link
Federal review of controversial foreign worker program to be done by fall 10 Mar 2016 Article Link
Temporary foreign worker program review to be launched by Liberals 18 Feb 2016 Article CBC News Link
Temporary foreign workers program faces federal review 17 Feb 2016 Article Globe and Mail Link
‘My dream became a nightmare’: Farm worker seeks $20,000 in outstanding wages 2 Feb 2016 Article Vancouver Sun Link
Ottawa yet to conduct on-site inspections under new foreign worker program 28 Jan 2016 Article Globe and Mail Link
Migrant farm workers call for permanent residency, ability to bring families to Canada 26 Jan 2016 Article National Post Link
Temporary foreign worker reforms 'dismaying,' Chamber of Commerce says 14 Jan 2016 Article CBC News Link
Law offers little fallback to B.C.'s migrant farm workers: study 11 Dec 2015 Article Business Vancouver Link
Seasonal Farmworkers in BC Face Health Care 'Apartheid': Researcher 18 Nov 2015 Article The Tyee Link
Alberta tables bill to improve work safety on farms and ranches 17 Nov 2015 Article The Globe and Mail Link
Liberal ‘fix’ for temporary foreign worker program may be elusive 9 Nov 2015 Article Alberta Farmer Express Link
Human Rights Complaint against Tim Hortons Moves Ahead 7 Nov 2015 Article The Tyee Link
Trudeau urged by workers to drop stringent migrant rules so they aren't trapped with one employer 29 Oct 2015 Article National Post Link
Nannies, migrants ask Trudeau to end work permit limits 28 Oct 2015 Article Toronto Star Link
The case for taking 'temporary' out of 'Temporary Foreign Worker' 28 Oct 2015 Article Global News Link
Want New Temporary Foreign Worker Data? Pay Up, Feds Say 24 Sep 2015 Article The Tyee Link
Do Migrants Take the Jobs of Native Workers? 8 Sep 2015 Article Hire Immigrants Link
Foreign caregivers face lengthy wait for permanent status 21 Jul 2015 Article Toronto Star Link
Temporary Foreign Worker Program: 'Stiff' new penalties coming Dec. 1 15 Jul 2015 Article CBC News Link
Provincial labour laws allow foreign workers to be treated like slaves, say advocates 6 Jul 2015 Article Windsor Star Link
Parents scramble, nanny agencies close as Ottawa effectively cancels live-in caregiver program 3 Jul 2015 Article Financial Post Link