Media articles: safe third

170 asylum seekers intercepted in Manitoba by police last month: CBSA 19 Apr 2017 CTV News
RCMP charge Saskatchewan woman with human smuggling 19 Apr 2017 The Globe and Mail
Les passages illégaux à la frontière augmentent au Québec 19 Apr 2017 Le Devoir
Asylum seeker reunites with RCMP officer he says saved his life 6 Apr 2017 CBC News
Teens travelling alone among latest asylum seekers walking into Manitoba 5 Apr 2017 CBC News
Crise mondiale de la migration : mettre l'humanité du Canada à l'épreuve 5 Apr 2017 Huffington Post Quebec
Muhammad left Somalia to escape terror. Now he's fled to Canada to avoid Donald Trump's deportation crackdown 5 Apr 2017 The Independent
How the Safe Third Country Agreement is changing lives on both sides of the border 1 Apr 2017 CBC News
A smile and arrest welcome asylum seekers to Canada 31 Mar 2017 CBC News
Q&A: Erin Simpson, a refugee lawyer, on “irregular” border crossings in the age of Trump 30 Mar 2017 Toronto Life
Overwhelming majority of Canadians say refugee rules must change: Ipsos poll 29 Mar 2017 Global News
Safe Third Country Agreement to stay, pledges immigration minister 29 Mar 2017 CBC News
Reeve of Emerson urges Trudeau to visit, suspend Safe Third Country Agreement 29 Mar 2017 Metro Winnipeg
U.S. asylum system heading down a ‘troubling’ direction 22 Mar 2017 The Catholic Register
Focus: Immigration chaos in U.S. masking Canadian problems 20 Mar 2017 Law Times
Officials can't say how many asylum seekers enter Canada illegally 18 Mar 2017 CBC News
Canada will not cancel refugee agreement with the U.S. despite Trump crackdown 17 Mar 2017 Radio Canada
Refugee claimants need safe access at U.S.-Canada border: Cole 16 Mar 2017 Toronto Star
Near-fatal border crossing in Quebec prompts calls for immigration reform 14 Mar 2017 CBC News
Cauchemar à la frontière : un homme frôle la mort en voulant entrer au Québec 14 Mar 2017 Radio Canada
B.C. refugee advocates call for more resources to help border jumpers 13 Mar 2017 CTV News
Mamadou's nightmare: One man's brush with death crossing U.S.-Quebec border 13 Mar 2017 CBC News
Law students' report says Canada in violation of Charter 13 Mar 2017 Metro News
NDP leader Tom Mulcair says denouncing Trump travel ban won’t affect Canada-U.S. relations 12 Mar 2017 Global News
Trudeau needs to scrap the Third Safe Country Agreement 8 Mar 2017 The Manitoban
A terminus in the new underground railroad 8 Mar 2017 National Observer
Canada sees growing exodus of refugees fleeing over US border 8 Mar 2017 Middle East Eye
L’immigration «illégale» n’existe pas 7 Mar 2017 Le Devoir
Keep calm and plan on, federal ministers told on asylum seeker influx 7 Mar 2017 CTV News
Toronto immigration advocates fear new travel ban will hurt refugees 6 Mar 2017 Metro News