Media articles: safe third

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Manitoba sets up refugee reception centre 2 May 2017 The Record
Manitoba premier defends Gretna reception centre for asylum seekers 2 May 2017 CBC News
Feds, Manitoba unable to resolve dispute over refugee funding 29 Apr 2017 Canadian Press
B.C. Muslim women's shelter becomes asylum haven for U.S. border crossers 29 Apr 2017 CBC News
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U.S. authorities charge Canadian man in connection with human smuggling investigation 26 Apr 2017 The Globe and Mail
Kellie Leitch s’engage à expulser les demandeurs d’asile entrés illégalement au pays 24 Apr 2017 Radio Canada
Kellie Leitch vows to deport border crossers after visit to Manitoba border town 24 Apr 2017 CBC News
Border towns quietly mobilizing to help asylum-seekers coming to Canada 23 Apr 2017 Globe and Mail
Identity of asylum seekers key to trying Michelle Omoruyi as human smuggler: lawyer 22 Apr 2017 CBC News
Update on number of asylum seekers only tells part of the story 21 Apr 2017 CBC News
Vive helps asylum seekers in U.S. legally reach Canada 21 Apr 2017 CTV News
Refugee surge across U.S. border creates backlog at IRB 21 Apr 2017 Montreal Gazette
CBC hosts fiery town hall on asylum seekers in Canada 20 Apr 2017 CBC News
Encore plus de réfugiés à la frontière québécoise 20 Apr 2017 Le Devoir
U.S. border patrol arrests two Canadians in human smuggling investigation 20 Apr 2017 Toronto Star
Nixing Safe Third Country agreement could reduce refugee smugglers, advocate says 20 Apr 2017 CBC News
U.S. border officers not doing enough to slow asylum-seekers, Canadian union rep says 20 Apr 2017 CBC News
CBC hosts fiery town hall on asylum seekers in Canada 20 Apr 2017 CBC News
Inside the U.S. shelter helping asylum seekers reach Canada 20 Apr 2017 CTV News
Asylum seekers crossing into Canada increase with warmer weather 19 Apr 2017 Reuters
3 out of 135 recent asylum seekers deemed danger to the public, detained in Manitoba 19 Apr 2017 CBC News