Media articles: safe third

'It was the happiest moment': Asylum seekers who took risky Central American corridor cross into Canada 10 Jul 2017 CBC News
El Salvador woman at the heart of legal challenge to Safe Third Country Agreement 10 Jul 2017 CBC News
Canada’s ‘Safe Third Country’ agreement isn’t really holding back that many refugees: advocates 7 Jul 2017 Global News
Canada-U.S. refugee agreement to be challenged in court 7 Jul 2017 Radio Canada International
Activists challenge 'unsafe' US-Canada pact that prompts refugees to flee by foot 7 Jul 2017 The Guardian
El Salvadoran asylum seeker takes Canada to court over refugee law 7 Jul 2017 The Globe and Mail
Ban on Refugee Claimants from US Faces Court Challenge 6 Jul 2017 The Tyee
Entente sur les tiers pays sûrs : les tribunaux interpellés 5 Jul 2017 La presse canadienne
Groups ask Federal Court to strike down Safe Third Country deal with the U.S. 5 Jul 2017 CBC
Canada urged to suspend refugee agreement with U.S. 5 Jul 2017 Radio Canada International
Canada urged to suspend refugee agreement with U.S. 4 Jul 2017 Radio Canada International
Asylum seeker's three-year trek ends in tragedy 4 Jul 2017 The National Post
Ottawa urged to suspend refugee pact after U.S. court reinstates Trump’s travel ban 29 Jun 2017 The Toronto Star
Opposition calls for Liberals to be true to refugee rhetoric, change system 21 Jun 2017 National Post
Letter-writing campaign takes aim at Safe Third Country Agreement 21 Jun 2017 Winnipeg Free Press
World Refugee Day: Opposition MPs Call On Trudeau Liberals To Overhaul Asylum System 20 Jun 2017 Huffinton Post
Syrian woman stuck in limbo after crossing illegally into Quebec calls for change 20 Jun 2017 CBC News
Declining number of asylum seekers surprises reeve of Manitoba border town 17 Jun 2017 CBC News
Refugee who lost fingers to frostbite wins bid to stay in Canada 14 Jun 2017 CBC News
Asylum seeker walked into Canada across farmer's field after entry de 12 Jun 2017 CBC News
Double Standard, Inadequate Support Hurt Refugee Claimants, Says Kwan 12 Jun 2017 The Tyee
Immigrants use Washington state to sneak into Canada for asylum. Here’s how, and why. 9 Jun 2017 The Seattle Times
With asylum seeker’s reported death, Canada-U.S. crossing debate intensifies 1 Jun 2017 Globe and Mail
Body of woman, 57, found near Manitoba border believed to be asylum seeker, U.S. police say 31 May 2017 CBC News
Refugees 'in the crosshairs' as Legal Aid Ontario battles for government funding, advocates warn 25 May 2017 CBC News
Buffalo, sanctuaire pour réfugiés et demandeurs d'asile 25 May 2017 Radio-Canada
Refugees need more, not less legal aid, say advocates 25 May 2017 Radio Canada International
Finding Home: A new life in Hamilton 24 May 2017 Hamilton Spectator
Canada, U.S. and the politics of refugees 20 May 2017 Hamilton Spectator
Guatemalan family gives up on American dream to seek asylum in Canada 19 May 2017 Buffalo News