Media articles: safe third

U.S. still unsafe for refugees 22 Jun 2018 The Hill Times
Canada PM pressured to suspend U.S. refugee agreement in face of 'unacceptable' policy 21 Jun 2018 Reuters
Canada detains migrant kids too, and it needs to stop, experts say 18 Jun 2018 Toronto Star
Let's ensure our border remains a beacon of hope 11 Jun 2018 Globe and Mail
Trump admin drops asylum protections for domestic violence victims 11 Jun 2018 CNN Politics
Le Canada a renvoyé une fraction des demandeurs d'asile irréguliers 7 Jun 2018 La Presse
Refugee lawyers call on Canada to cut ties with U.S. on asylum seekers 5 Jun 2018 CBC News
Immigration Minister offers plan to modernize Safe Third Country Agreement 29 May 2018 The Canadian Press
'We do not appreciate or welcome irregular migration': Hussen 27 May 2018 Global News
Flyers on crossing Canadian border not an 'accurate' picture of asylum system, Hussen says 25 May 2018 Toronto Star
Immigration Minister declines to say whether Ottawa will seek power to turn away US border crossers 25 May 2018 Globe and Mail
Canada's largest city to open emergency housing for asylum seekers 23 May 2018 Reuters
Canada granting refugee status to fewer illegal border crossers 22 May 2018 Reuters
Sessions May End Asylum For Thousands Of Immigrants Like Ms. A.B. 22 May 2018 National Public Radio (NPR)
New Migrant Surge Tests Canada's Welcoming Stance 15 May 2018 Wall Street Journal
Four myths about Canada's border crossings 14 May 2018 Ottawa Citizen
La crise des migrants au Canada et au Québec : quelle crise? 14 May 2018 Journal métro
Quebec has received 96% of illegal border crossings so far in 2018 14 May 2018 Canadian Press
Immigration minister has arrived in Nigeria as border crossings continue: Goodale 13 May 2018 Global News
It's time to abolish the inhumane Canada-U.S. deal on asylum-seekers 10 May 2018 The Conversation
Problem with asylum seekers in Canada can only be fixed if US decides to help 7 May 2018 National Post
Canada working with US in Nigeria to stem asylum claims 7 May 2018 BBC News
Les demandeurs d'asile ne ralentissent pas le système, clame le ministre Hussen 7 May 2018 Radio-Canada
Hussen says he's open to changing border pact with U.S. - but won't say how 5 May 2018 CBC News
Immigration minister says he's not worried about a 'wave' of Hondurans hitting the border 4 May 2018 CBC News
Canada wants U.S. cooperation in turning back asylum seekers 30 Apr 2018 Reuters
The Safe Third Country Agreement doesn't work. Just ask the thousands of people walking across the Canada-US border 30 Apr 2018 Toronto Star
Nigerians are walking into Canada, prompting request for U.S. to take action - The Washington Post 28 Apr 2018 Washington Post
Migrants : le statu quo 'intenable', dit un avocat 28 Apr 2018 La presse canadienne
Le visa amérocain qui mène les demandeurs d'asile au Canada 27 Apr 2018 Radio-Canada