Media articles: safe third

'We saw what happened in the airports': Asylum seekers from U.S. surge into Manitoba 31 Jan 2017 CBC News
Trump's travel ban causes migrants to trek across Canadian border into Manitoba 31 Jan 2017 CTV News
Ottawa sommé de revoir sa collaboration avec Washington 31 Jan 2017 Le Devoir
Trudeau should repeal refugee agreement with U.S. 31 Jan 2017 Toronto Star
NDP urges Libs to do more to fill gaps left by U.S. travel ban, refugee policy 31 Jan 2017 National Observer
U.S. not 'safe' for asylum seekers: advocates 31 Jan 2017 Brampton Guardian
Federal government urged to suspend refugee pact with U.S. 30 Jan 2017 Toronto Star
Canada should dissolve refugee protection deal with U.S.: experts 30 Jan 2017 Macleans
Canada should scrap Safe Third Country refugee agreement with US: BCCLA 30 Jan 2017 News 1130
Human chain: "No hate, no fear, refugees are welcome here" 30 Jan 2017 National Observer
Swift policy response needed in wake of U.S. travel ban: advocates 30 Jan 2017 CTV News
Advocates urge protection for refugees who enter Canada via the U.S. 28 Jan 2017 CBC News
Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle: des centaines de réfugiés traversent illégalement la frontière à pied 26 Jan 2017 Métro
Canada urged to keep borders open amid Trump directives 25 Jan 2017 The Globe and Mail
US immigration restrictions may push refugees to Canada 25 Jan 2017 Middle East Eye
Frontière Canada-États-Unis : le Québec serait-il devenu le couloir de rêve des migrants? 24 Jan 2017 Radio Canada
Can an American become a refugee? Yes, and some already have 20 Jan 2017 Washington Post
Abandoned by smugglers on Toronto's streets, refugees treated for severe frostbite 9 Jan 2017 CBC (As It Happens)
New numbers show spike in asylum seekers crossing from U.S. to Manitoba 9 Jan 2017 CBC News
'He was running away to save his life,' refugee says of men's frigid journey across Canadian border 6 Jan 2017 CBC News
Refugee nearly freezes to death crossing Canadian border 5 Jan 2017 Winnipeg Free Press