Media articles: safe third

Winnipeg can set example by taking in stranded, Trump-spurned refugees, Axworthy says 12 Dec 2018 Winnipeg Free Press
Deported to Honduras, an asylum seeker who feared MS-13 was murdered. His children are fighting to stay in the United States. 7 Dec 2018 Washington Post
Attente insoutenable pour des Haïtiens qui seront expulsés 2 Dec 2018 Journal de Montréal
More illegal migrants are coming here, but profile is different from those arriving elsewhere in Canada 30 Nov 2018 Vancouver Sun
Refugee claims to Canada on track to hit highest levels in nearly 30 years 16 Nov 2018 Global News
Will the Canadian consensus on immigration fall victim to Liberal bungling on border-crossers? 9 Nov 2018 National Post
Caravan puts refugee policy on hot seat 5 Nov 2018 The Catholic Register
Canadians Reconsider U.S. as a Safe Country for Refugees 3 Nov 2018 The Intercept
Baloney Meter: Has there been a significant reduction in irregular migration? | CBC News 1 Nov 2018 CBC News
Liberals launch pro-immigration campaign to calm 'anxieties' as Conservatives turn up heat | CBC News 1 Nov 2018 CBC News
Canada's border is secure but renewal of immigration system is essential 25 Oct 2018 Toronto Star
Trump's border bigotry should prompt Canada to suspend refugee agreement with U.S. 23 Oct 2018 Ottawa Citizen
Les É.-U. démeurent un pays sûr pour les demandeurs d'asile 22 Oct 2018 La presse canadienne
Canada review deemed U.S. safe for asylum seekers 22 Oct 2018 The Canadian Press
U.S. on guard against rise in illegal border crossings as Canada rejects asylum claims | CBC News 20 Oct 2018 CBC News
Immigration department changed 'illegal' to 'irregular' on webpage about asylum seekers as debate flared 4 Oct 2018 CBC News
Ontario struggling to pay for irregular migrants: minister 2 Oct 2018 iPolitics
Immigration Canada extending hotel stay of asylum seekers in Toronto 1 Oct 2018 Globe and Mail
Canada has removed only 6 of 900 asylum seekers facing U.S. deportation 24 Sep 2018 CBC News
What is the Relationship Between Refugees and Homelessness? 23 Aug 2018 The Homeless Hub
If Canada Wants To Protect Migrants, Stop Sending Them Back To U.S. 22 Aug 2018 Huffington Post
Why the explosive debate over asylum seekers could define the next federal election 21 Aug 2018 Macleans
Illegal border crossings from U.S. increase by nearly 23 per cent from June to July 14 Aug 2018 Globe and Mail
Refugee advocates broadcast 'urgent concerns' about Bill Blair's new federal cabinet role 9 Aug 2018 Toronto Star
Justin Trudeau is losing the argument on border crossings, poll suggests 3 Aug 2018 CBC News
LETTER: We can't repeat 'none is too many' when it comes to refugees 28 Jul 2018 Barrie Today
Liberal ministers insist irregular border crossers a challnge, 'not a crisis' 24 Jul 2018 CBC News
Debunking Canada's responsibility to the United States under the Safe Third Country Agreement 16 Jul 2018 iPolitics
Immigration critics press Liberals on costs, plan for asylum seekers 16 Jul 2018 CBC News
Les traversées de migrants irréguliers au plus bas depuis un an 14 Jul 2018 Le Devoir