Media articles: Family Reunification

Title Date
Immigration Minister Jason Kenney announces tighter regulations for family reunification program 10 May 2013
Canada to lift moratorium on parent, grandparent immigration 10 May 2013
Ottawa revoit son programme de réunification familiale 10 May 2013
Tighter immigration slammed 21 Mar 2013
Sudan refugee loses bid to sponsor orphaned relatives 7 Mar 2013
Reunification 'super visas' popular despite cost concerns 3 Dec 2012
Syrian community strives to bring families to Canada 27 Oct 2012
Toronto study finds ‘satellite babies’ common across immigrant communitie 24 Sep 2012
Cuba won't allow refugee’s son to come to Canada - Nfld. 29 Aug 2012
Toronto grandmother, 70, deported to Sri Lanka 9 Aug 2012
Toronto grandmother, 70, deported to Sri Lanka 9 Aug 2012
Sask. immigrants say rule changes impacting families could lead to exodus 31 Jul 2012
Restaurant serves up refugee’s ‘wonderful success story’ 20 Jun 2012
Health care cost for older immigrants pegged at nearly $3 billion 17 May 2012
Charge senior citizen immigrants health care: Lawyer 12 May 2012
New immigration rules slammed 12 May 2012
Ethiopian refugee from Surrey reunites with daughter after four years 10 May 2012
Mother reunited with young daughter after they spent four years apart 21 Apr 2012
Kenney Says Immigration Overhaul to Come in Bits and Pieces 27 Mar 2012
Immigration sponsorship of parents, grandparents under review by Ottawa 27 Mar 2012
Immigration des parents et grands-parents - Ottawa lance des consultations 24 Mar 2012
Parents et grands-parents bienvenus 6 Mar 2012
Immigration: une vie à espérer 27 Feb 2012
Immigration au Canada: veuillez patienter 27 Feb 2012
New super visa is 'super disappointing' - Winnipeg Free Press 21 Dec 2011
Parrainage humanitaire: la moitié des Haïtiens sélectionnés attendent encore leur visa 11 Jan 2012
Newcomers' burdens give us reason to be grateful 3 Jan 2012
Mother and child reunion still unsure for deported Mexican 23 Dec 2011
Stateless couple found love and heartbreak in Canada 29 Dec 2011
Super visa only for those who can afford it 30 Dec 2011