Media articles: Family Reunification

Title Date
Ottawa floats idea of making immigrant spouses meet language and education equirements 21 Mar 2014
Encore un effort! 19 Feb 2014
Parent, grandparent immigration stream closed for 2014 season 4 Feb 2014
Immigrant dreams die with deceased nannies 22 Jan 2014
Ottawa's new rules put parent sponsorship out of reach 16 Jan 2014
Typhoon Haiyan victim tests Canada's commitment to help 14 Jan 2014
Seven-year wait to bring grandparents to Canada frustrates Surrey family 5 Jan 2014
Langley mother yearns to re-unite with son 17 Oct 2013
Torn from family, community leader mulls leaving Hamilton 22 Sep 2013
Think-tank calls for immigration reform 29 Aug 2013
Immigration policy wasn’t always about economics alone: Brender 16 Aug 2013
A choice immigrant families should not have to make 26 Jun 2013
We need a more efficient immigration system 13 Jun 2013
What happened to family values in immigration? 28 May 2013
Woman pleads for help after daughter disappears in Haiti 23 May 2013
Many Hong Kong immigrants return home 18 May 2013
only well-to-do eligible? 18 May 2013
Temporary immigrants mean temporary loyalties 20 May 2013
Family reunification program changes worry some in Winnipeg 17 May 2013
Immigration changes are fair to new Canadians and taxpayers 14 May 2013
Welfare costs prompt tougher rules for immigrating parents 10 May 2013
Immigration Minister Jason Kenney announces tighter regulations for family reunification program 10 May 2013
Canada to lift moratorium on parent, grandparent immigration 10 May 2013
Ottawa revoit son programme de réunification familiale 10 May 2013
Tighter immigration slammed 21 Mar 2013
Sudan refugee loses bid to sponsor orphaned relatives 7 Mar 2013
Reunification 'super visas' popular despite cost concerns 3 Dec 2012
Syrian community strives to bring families to Canada 27 Oct 2012
Toronto study finds ‘satellite babies’ common across immigrant communitie 24 Sep 2012
Cuba won't allow refugee’s son to come to Canada - Nfld. 29 Aug 2012