Media articles: Family Reunification

Title Date
Remove obstacles to reuniting refugee families, ask advocates 7 Apr 2017
Group protests new immigration fee 31 Mar 2017
Family is defined by a lot more than DNA: Editorial 13 Mar 2017
She was left at his door as an infant, but immigration officials say she’s not his daughter 10 Mar 2017
Toronto man’s dream of bringing parents to Canada dashed 9 Mar 2017
Syrian family reunited in Montreal thanks to Westmount Jewish community 27 Feb 2017
Finding family, from Congo to Canada 1 Mar 2017
'A waiting game': Families wonder why immigration applications in limbo with influx of asylum seekers 24 Feb 2017
Syrian refugee family to reunite in Fredericton after year apart 3 Feb 2017
Halifax family desperate to save uncle trapped in refugee camp 28 Jan 2017
Yazidi refugees reunite in Toronto after they were torn apart by ISIS 2 years ago 26 Jan 2017
This Syrian family has been reunited thanks to a unique partnership between a mosque and a synagogue 13 Jan 2017
Immigrants peeved by federal government's switch to sponsorship lottery 4 Jan 2017
Viewing Canadian immigrants' parents as a burden is hypocrisy 19 Dec 2016
Syrian refugees need better ways to reconnect with their families 19 Dec 2016
Canada adopts lottery system for reuniting immigrants with parents, grandparents 14 Dec 2016
Couple rejected over South Asian 'stereotypes' caught in immigration appeals backlog 10 Jun 2016
Nos réfugiés syriens se retrouvent face à un mur 17 May 2016
Canada on track to welcome more than 300,000 immigrants in 2016 8 Mar 2016
Liberals shift immigration focus to family reunification, refugee resettlement 8 Mar 2016
Steep courier fees put immigration program's fairness in doubt 12 Jan 2016
Les libéraux déterminés à doubler le nombre annuel de familles réunifiées 4 Jan 2016
'My family is broken,' says Somalian refugee who hasn't seen son in six years 12 Nov 2015
Aid group worries non-Syrian refugees may be made to wait longer 11 Nov 2015
Afghan interpreter pins hopes on new Liberal government 2 Nov 2015
Immigration policy shift may disappoint 2 Nov 2015
Ottawa woman's family told they must flee Syrian home to get chance to come to Canada 30 Oct 2015
SETTLING IN SURREY: Surrey man hopes Liberal majority will help reunite his family 22 Oct 2015
Family reunification: the economic cost 13 Oct 2015
Is there a war on the immigrant family? 7 Oct 2015