Media articles: Family Reunification

Title Date
Ottawa pressé d’accélérer la réunification familiale pour les Haïtiens 6 Aug 2021
Une véritable honte! 18 May 2021
My family is broken apart: This refugee family - and others - have been divided by a pandemic and red tape 24 Apr 2021
Canada must process applications for children's immigration in six months: advocates 25 Apr 2021
Syrian refugee family reunion becomes legacy of Regina man who died abroad 14 Nov 2019
La Presse en Colombie-Britannique: entrer au Canada comme dans une auberge 15 Apr 2019
Pas de visas pour les proches de ressortissants vénézuéliens au Canada 17 Feb 2019
Fact check: Have Libs reunited more immigrants with parents and grandparents? 7 Feb 2019
Online immigration forms close within minutes, prompting tears from applicants and criticism from lawyers 1 Feb 2019
Canadians vent frustration on social media after online applications to bring family to Canada fill up in mere minutes 28 Jan 2019
Immigration sponsorship form appears online for less than 10 minutes 28 Jan 2019
Le rêve d'une réfugiée syrienne réalisé 18 Dec 2018
Nouveau système de réunification des familles d'Immigration Canada : fini la loterie et retour aux quotas 3 Jan 2019
Feds to temporarily extend one-year period for Yazidi refugees to reunite with family members in Iraq 5 Dec 2018
Ottawa urged to reunite Yazidi refugees with their families to help treat rare disorder 2 Dec 2018
'There were a lot of tears': Refugee family of 10 reunited thanks to donated airline miles 16 Oct 2018
Girl wins refugee status, but her family could still be deported 17 Sep 2018
Former UN human rights chief calls Canada’s handling of child refugees ‘inhumane’ 3 Sep 2018
'Why did they do this to mommy?': Ottawa urged to reunite Edmonton family after mom's deportation 16 Jul 2018
Mother forced to choose: Leave daughter in Canada or take her to Sudan where she faces genital mutilation 12 Jul 2018
Canada blocks teen from reuniting with family despite Taliban death threats 27 Jun 2018
B.C. immigrant agency sees decline in government-assisted refugees 12 Mar 2018
This woman's immigration application took so long she died while waiting 8 Mar 2018
'Why the Syrians, but not us?': Yemenis urge Ottawa to act amid humanitarian crisis 27 Nov 2017
Cap on refugee sponsorships means Syrians in Canada remain separated from family members 25 Sep 2017
From captivity to mother's arms: Yazidi boy lands in Winnipeg 17 Aug 2017
Haïtiens : le Canada sera le vilain de la situation 16 Aug 2017
Immigration backlog keeps live-in caregivers from their families back home 20 Jul 2017
Turkish refugees in Canada say family members trapped, stranded overseas 17 Jul 2017
Canada's immigration lottery: 10,000 of 95,000 applicants accepted 27 Apr 2017