Media articles: detention

Canada puts asylum toddlers behind razor wire 14 Dec 2012 Toronto Star
Detention centres no place for migrant children, critics argue 13 Dec 2012 CBC
Private prison firms look to cash in on Canada asylum crackdown 29 Nov 2012 The Guardian (UK)
Australia becomes resourceful with asylum seekers, though criticism remains 22 Nov 2012
Canada can learn from Australia on detained refugees 21 Nov 2012
Australia’s immigration detention centres put spotlight on asylum seekers’ well-being 20 Nov 2012
Australia’s asylum-seekers find nothing but misery on Christmas Island 18 Nov 2012
Risking all to escape: One woman's story 18 Nov 2012 Victoria Times Colonist
Mandatory detention for refugee claimants has already proved to be a failure, critics say 17 Nov 2012 Vancouver Sun
Federal government mulls detaining Roma refugee claimants 18 Aug 2012 CBC
Ottawa pourrait détenir les demandeurs d'asile roms 18 Aug 2012 Radio-Canada
Human rights commission demands refugee changes 26 Jul 2012 Australia Broadcasting Corporation
Kenney's Refugee Bill Could Deport Young, Mentally Ill 12 Jul 2012 CBC News
Doctors question refugee detention policies 10 Jul 2012
Refugees face mental health risk with new law 9 Jul 2012 CBC News
Projet de loi C-31 : la santé mentale des réfugiés inquiète des médecins 9 Jul 2012 Presse canadienne
Refugees suffer mental health problems under new Canadian detention rules 9 Jul 2012 Toronto Star
Jail won't deter illegal immigrants fleeing danger, says Calgary lawyer 5 Jun 2012 Calgary Sun
Bogus refugee detention space boosted 17 Mar 2012 Toronto Sun
Refugee policies should be based on fact, not fiction 14 Mar 2012 Embassy Magazine
Alexandre Boulerice NPD: Arrêtons de mettre des enfants de réfugiés en prison ! 1 Mar 2012
Taking liberties: Canada's booming business of detention and deportation 21 Feb 2012
Australia's immigration success tainted by 'boat people' battle 13 Feb 2012 Vancouver Sun
Le cauchemar des réfugiés tamouls 6 Feb 2012 La Presse
Un bateau nauséabond 6 Feb 2012 La Presse
Immigration detention officer found not guilty of sexually assaulting a refugee 3 Feb 2012 Toronto Star
Demandes d'asile au Canada: menottés à l'arrivée 21 Jan 2012 La Presse
Délire sécuritaire 21 Jan 2012 La Presse
Tough measures won’t stop refugees, Canada told 5 Jan 2012 Toronto Star
Asylum seekers should not be treated like criminals, expert says 5 Jan 2012 Vancouver Sun