Media articles: detention

Lawyer calls for closure of Vancouver airport immigration cells where Mexican woman hanged herself (with video) 29 Sep 2014 Vancouver Sun
Des immigrants sont détenus avec des criminels 26 Sep 2014 Le Devoir
Cell conditions in Canada for immigrants slammed: report 25 Sep 2014 Global News
Immigration: la surveillance électronique au lieu de la détention 22 Sep 2014 la presse canadienne
Hommes, femmes et enfants détenus à Laval 2 Sep 2014 Courrier de Laval
UN chastises Canada over immigration detention, including un-deportable man jailed 8 years 24 Jul 2014 Toronto Star
Migrant detainees in Canada are boycotting their only chance at freedom 23 Jun 2014 Vice News
Most BC asylum seekers housed in jail 18 Jun 2014 Vancouver Sun
They march in Ottawa to push for end to immigration detention 16 Jun 2014 Ottawa Citizen
Boycotting immigration detention in Canada 9 Jun 2014
Rights group calls for independent oversight of federal border agency 5 Mar 2014 Vancouver Sun
Border police in dire need of independent oversight 5 Feb 2014 Toronto Star
Mexican woman's death prompts calls for civilian oversight of border agency 30 Jan 2014 Toronto Star
Canadian border agency lacks oversight, critics say 30 Jan 2014 Globe and Mail
Mexican woman lived like a "ghost" in Vancouver, was despondent after CBSA arrest 29 Jan 2014 Vancouver Sun
Mexican woman dies in Border Services custody 27 Jan 2014 24 Hours
84-year-old Canadian dementia patient died in handcuffs at U.K. immigration centre | CTV News 16 Jan 2014 CTV News
Jailed in Canada, unwanted by Iraq, refugee struggles for way out of legal limbo 17 Dec 2013 Globe and Mail
Hundreds held in Canada’s immigration cells 18 Nov 2013 Toronto Star
Brampton man in detention limbo 18 Nov 2013 Toronto Star
Tarek Loubani and John Greyson go to bat for immigrants jailed endlessly in Canada 4 Nov 2013 Toronto Star
Canadian activists Loubani, Greyson demand release of immigrant detainees 4 Nov 2013 CTV News
How a One-Day Jail Sentence Became Seven Years of Detention 24 Oct 2013 The Torontoist
UN urged to aid man 'in limbo' in Ontario immigration jail 24 Oct 2013 CBC News
Canada urged to release migrants in endless detention 23 Oct 2013 Toronto Star
Immigration detainees in Lindsay jail stage protest and hunger strike 20 Sep 2013 Toronto Star
La détention des immigrants est décriée 11 Aug 2013 Journal de Montréal
Canada looks to put GPS bracelets on more migrants 27 Jun 2013 Globe and Mail
Demandeurs d’asile - Le Québec se veut plus humain, dit De Courcy 12 Feb 2013 Le Devoir
New immigrant detention policy tough on asylum seekers 17 Jan 2013 Vancouver Sun