Media articles: citizenship

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Language rules pose challenge for immigrants 15 Oct 2012 Winnipeg Free Press
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Stricter language screening for would-be Canadian citizens starts in November 28 Sep 2012 The Globe and Mail
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Ottawa veut en finir avec les fraudeurs 11 Sep 2012 La Presse
Ottawa revoking citizenship of more than 3,000 after fraud investigation 10 Sep 2012 Globe and Mail
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Need to live in Canada to become a citizen 10 Sep 2012 Globe and Mail
Jason Kenney announces 3,100 people being stripped of citizenship for fraud 9 Sep 2012 National Post
Canada’s ‘anchor babies’: Journey ‘home’ is tough for children deported with their parents 7 Sep 2012 Toronto Star
Immigration wheels turning after office closed, files moved 28 Jul 2012 Victoria Times-Colonist
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