Media articles: citizenship

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Wait-times for Canadian citizenship pushing two years - Regina 26 Nov 2015 Global News
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Canada revokes citizenship of Toronto 18 ringleader using new anti-terror law 26 Sep 2015 National Post
Court dismisses federal appeal over niqab at citizenship ceremonies 15 Sep 2015 CTV News
Court challenge slams new Citizenship Act as anti-Canadian 20 Aug 2015 Toronto Star
Welcome to Canada but don't get too comfortable 10 Jul 2015 Al Jazeera English
Immigration changes herald caste system: critics 2 Jul 2015 Winnipeg Free Press
Ottawa moves to revoke citizenship of convicted terrorist for first time since controversial law took effect 1 Jul 2015
Conservative's new law creates second class citizens 12 Jun 2015 Broadbent Institute
Canadian dad fighting to gain citizenship for son born in Peru: 'I accept nothing less than a passport' 5 Apr 2015 National Post
Canadian citizenship test too difficult, failing visible minorities 27 Mar 2015 CBC Radio (The Current)
Canada faces dramatic drop in citizenship, prompting concerns about disengaged immigrants 24 Mar 2015 Toronto Star
Former refugees face losing residency in Canada if they return to homeland 23 Feb 2015 Toronto Star
A niqab ban makes no sense. Religious freedom is citizenship 12 Feb 2015 Globe and Mail
Stephen Harper says Ottawa to appeal ruling allowing veil during citizenship oath 12 Feb 2015 Toronto Star
Niqab ban at citizenship ceremony struck down by court 6 Feb 2015 Toronto Star
Citizenship application fees soar 7 Jan 2015 Winnipeg Free Press
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Want-to-be Canadians frustrated by citizenship processing delays 30 Dec 2014 Toronto Star
Petition calls for change in Canada's citizenship laws for war dead killed before 1947 10 Nov 2014 Global News
Ex-immigration minister Jason Kenney 'dictated' niqab ban at citizenship ceremony, court told 17 Oct 2014 Toronto Star
Winnipeg man could be test case for Canada's latest tool in fight against terrorism: revoking citizenship | National Post 3 Oct 2014 National Post