Media articles: citizenship

'I will be born again': First wave of Syrian refugees set to become Canadian citizens 11 Dec 2018 CBC News
Chris Selley: Maybe Canada has a 'birth tourism' problem after all 25 Nov 2018 National Post
Birthplace doesn't guarantee citizenship, feds tell Supreme Court 8 Sep 2018 Canadian Press
Refugee advocates criticize Scheer over policy seeking to end birthright citizenship 27 Aug 2018 Globe and Mail
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Canada's failed commitment to international human rights law in Abdoul Abdi case 28 May 2018 Toronto Star
Deportation hearing for former Somali child refugee deferred for now 7 Mar 2018 CTV News
Court rejects former child refugee Abdoul Abdi's request to temporarily stop deportation proceedings 23 Feb 2018 Toronto Star
As Abdoul Abdi's parent, Canada is guilty of child neglect 15 Feb 2018 Globe and Mail
Judge reserves decision at emergency hearing on Abdoul Abdi deportation case 15 Feb 2018 CBC News
Canada's institutions repeatedly failed former child refugee Abdoul Abdi 14 Feb 2018 Toronto Star
Court to hear former N.S. child refugee's request to pause deportation 11 Feb 2018 CTV News
How Canada's child welfare system fails refugees like Abdoul Abdi 17 Jan 2018 Macleans
'The government was our parents': Abdoul Abdi's sister says Somali refugee failed by Canadian foster system 15 Jan 2018 CBC Radio
N.S. says it can't help former child refugee facing deportation to Somalia 9 Jan 2018 National Post
B.C. lawyer falls short in bid to test refugee rules 10 Aug 2017 Canadian Press
New citizenship study guide highlights Indigenous Peoples, Canada's responsibilities 23 Jul 2017 Canadian Press
High number of women failing citizenship test reflects barriers they face, advocates say 3 Jul 2017 Toronto Star
Liberal bill to reverse Conservative move to strip citizenships passes Senate 19 Jun 2017 CBC News
The pendulum swing on government service fees 17 May 2017 Policy Options
Liberals should restore right to citizenship hearing: 12 May 2017
'My brother is going to die,' says sister of man fighting deportation 19 Apr 2017 The Chronicle Herald
Canada tries to strip citizenship from man accused of butchering Guatemalan villagers 16 Apr 2017 CTV News
Senate bill would let children become citizens separately from parents 6 Apr 2017 Vancouver Sun
Senate amends Liberal citizenship bill to allow court hearings in fraud cases 5 Apr 2017 Toronto Star
Malala Yousafzai to speak to Parliament and get honorary Canadian citizenship 3 Apr 2017 Toronto Star
Sanctuary Cities Divide Inclusive Canada Into 'Us' And 'Them' 31 Mar 2017 The Huffington Post
Senate motion aims to restore 'due process' to Liberal citizenship bill 28 Mar 2017 Toronto Star
Pathway to Canadian citizenship needed for all temporary foreign workers 25 Mar 2017 CBC News
Immigrants' rights groups denounce discrimination based on citizenship 21 Mar 2017 Montreal Gazette