Know your rights

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Safe Horizon
This is the full text of this US document with basic advice for foreign nationals. GAP? is there a similar document that pertains to foreign nationals in Canada? "Know your rights! Many people in abusive employment situations don’t seek help because they are afraid they lack a valid visa to the United States. All individuals that work in the United States – regardless of immigration status – have the right to: * Be treated and paid fairly; * A safe and healthy workplace; * Not be held in a job against their will; * Keep their passport and other identification documents in their possession; * Report abuse without retaliation; * Be free from discrimination and harassment of any kind; * Leave an abusive employment situation; * Request help from unions, immigrant and labor rights groups and other groups; and * Seek justice in U.S. courts. It is also important to remember that there are many ways you can protect yourself. ALWAYS: * Keep your passport in a safe, easily accessible place; * Keep copies of your passport, visa, and employment contract in your home country with relatives or friends; * Keep the phone number of your home country’s embassy on hand; and * Keep a record of all the days and hours that you work, and the amount and date of each payment that you receive."