Survey about Group of Five Sponsors and Community Sponsors


The Canadian Council for Refugees is interested in learning more about how Groups of Five (G5) and Community Sponsors* connect to relevant information and networks – and whether there are gaps. We want to know if the CCR can do more to support G5s in networking, sharing information and doing advocacy.

Why fill this survey out? So that we can better understand the needs and possibilities, and take action to – we hope – improve the experiences of future G5 sponsors, by learning from your experience and ideas.

Who should fill this survey out? Please fill out this survey if you:

  • Are, have been or are considering becoming a G5 sponsor, OR
  • You have information or ideas to share about G5s based on your experience (for example, you have been sponsored by a G5, or you work for an organization that supports G5s).

You can use this survey to get connected and hear about results by giving us your email at the end of the survey. Or, if you prefer, you can answer anonymously.

* Sponsorship of refugees through a Group of Five or a Community Sponsorship is quite similar to, and distinct from sponsorship through a Sponsorship Agreement Holder. In Quebec, sponsorship can be through a Group of Two to Five. For simplicity, in this survey we are using G5 to mean Group of Five, Community Sponsors and Quebec Groups of Two to Five.

Please complete this survey by Thursday 14 November.

About you
About G5 sponsors
Initiatives that are working well
(For example, a G5 sponsors network, webinars, email lists, a website forum)