The families of refugees and other newcomers to Canada make important contributions

Families make significant positive contributions to Canadian society, both economically and socially. The Longitudinal Survey of Immigrants to Canada (2003) found that immigrants tend to establish themselves more easily if they are supported by families.

According to a Statistics Canada study, family class immigrants are less likely to be low income than skilled workers immediately after they arrive in Canada.

Contrary to popular belief, parents and grandparents who are sponsored to come to Canada are not always elderly. According to a recent study, almost half (40%) of sponsored parents and/or grandparents work or are self-employed after two years in Canada.

People contribute to society in many ways, and not just economically. In particular, sponsored parents and grandparents make significant non-economic contributions by caring for other family members. The saved costs of childcare, healthcare and psychosocial support have broader benefits for our communities, as well as the economic performance of family members and other immigrants. Sponsored family members contribute in many other ways as well - as leaders, artists, community workers and elders.