Fact Sheet on Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes

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Beyond Borders
Children fall victim to human traffickers for many of the same reasons that adults become victims. However, children have less influence on their own lives, and the national systems of justice and child welfare often do not adequately protect them. Children are thus much more vulnerable than adults ot exploitation. Children can become victims of a trafficking operation at any age, depending on the form of exploitation to which they will be subjected. Sometimes the children may know that they will be used to provide sexual services to adults, but they are completely unaware of the level of abuse to which they will be subjected, or of the physical and psychological damage they will suffer. Young people who want to get away from their home situations might not think about the possible problems they could face, and they do not have the experience to anticipate the dangers. Children who have no one to protect the are easy to manipulate. The traffickers understand this vulnerability, and are ready to exploit it. 6 pages