Conference FAQs

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Who can/should attend the International Refugee Rights Conference?

The conference is open to all. It is particularly designed for representatives of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), but we also encourage others interested in the themes and objectives of the conference, including refugees and vulnerable migrants, academics, government officials and UNHCR representatives. We especially encourage participation of NGO representatives from the Global South.

Is there a limit to the number of delegates an organization can send to the International Refugee Rights Conference?

No, there is no limit to the number of delegates an organization can send to the International Refugee Rights Conference. A separate registration form must be completed for each delegate, but a group payment may be made. For more information on group registrations, click here.

Where do you recommend I stay for the Conference?

Click here for details related to accommodation.

Can I record or take photos during workshops, plenary/caucus sessions?

To protect the privacy of participants, we ask you to respect our policy restricting any forms of recording during CCR sessions. You may however take photos (or film or audio record) outside the CCR sessions (for example in the coffee area or lobbies, or before or after a workshop session), but ONLY after explaining the purpose and obtaining permission of each person photographed, filmed or recorded. The policy is available here.

There will be CCR photographers taking pictures during some of the sessions, so that we can document the conference. If you do not wish to be included in any of the photos, sit in the part of the room that is marked as photo-free. In certain circumstances, the CCR may grant exceptions to specific projects involving recording during a session. Participants would need to make a request by Monday, 7 May 2018. Click here for more information.

What is the deadline for early-bird registration?

Payment must be received by Monday, 7 May 2018 in order to benefit from the early-bird reduced registration fees.

I am a non-Canadian participant and will require a Letter of Invitation from the CCR in order to apply for a travel visa. How do I get the Letter of Invitation?

For queries related to invitation letters for international participants, click here

I registered for the conference but will not be able to make it to Toronto in June for the conference. Will my registration fees be reimbursed?

Click here for details on cancelling a registration.

I want to participate in the conference but have a young child whom I need to bring along with me. Will the conference provide childcare services?

For details on childcare services, click here.

I’d like to reserve a display table for my organization. How do I do this?

For information on display tables, click here.

I am based outside Canada and really want to attend the conference. However, I do not have the funds to travel to Toronto. Is there a possibility of receiving a travel subsidy from the CCR?

While we hope to have some money to subsidize a few participants, especially from the Global South, most participants will need to fund themselves. We encourage you to build the costs into your organization’s budget or approach funders to cover the costs.