What We Want for Refugees: Four faces, four values

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What we want for refugees - 4 women

We want refugees to be treated fairly and honourably, in a process that is independent and affordable.

These are Canadian values and treating refugees in this way is good for Canada and good for refugees.


fair - équitable We believe in fair treatment for refugees:

  • Equal rules for everyone everywhere
  • Listening to people’s stories
  • Decisions in a reasonable time



Independent - IndépendantWe believe in independent decision-making for refugees:

  • Decisions for refugees based on facts and law
  • Each case decided on its own merits, not on politics




honourable - honorable We believe in honouring our legal obligations towards refugees:



Affordable - AbordableWe believe in refugee policies that avoid unnecessary costs for refugee families and the Canadian taxpayer:

  • Reasonable costs to reach the right decision the first time
  • Enabling refugee families to support each other and contribute to Canadian society


What we want for refugees - 4 youthDownload this handout for more details.