Travel Subsidies Application

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Submissions for this form are closed.

Please note that the deadline for applications has now passed. We will be reviewing the applications received. After we have made decisions on those applications, we may be able to look to further applications, depending on money remaining and gaps in representation.

Subject to funding, the CCR will offer some travel subsidies for our International Refugee Rights Conference (7-9 June 2018, Toronto).

To be eligible, applicants must:

  • represent an NGO
  • have a proven commitment to working to promote the rights of refugees and vulnerable migrants
  • otherwise be unable to attend the conference

Travel subsidies will be awarded taking into account the following criteria:

  • degree to which the person and their organization can contribute to the success of the conference
  • degree to which the person and their organization can benefit from participation
  • gender balance
  • geographic diversity
  • diversity of areas of specialization (such as refugee determination, refugee resettlement, integration, detention, work with vulnerable migrants)
  • priority to NGOs from the Global South
  • priority to applicants requiring only a partial subsidy
  • specific criteria of funders

Please note: We will have limited funds to make available and will not be able to fund as many participants as we would wish. We therefore strongly encourage you to build your participation into your budget, if that is possible, or to explore other funding sources available to you. We know that some funding sources will be easier for you to access than for us based in Canada. We also encourage organizations with means to consider sponsoring one or more NGO representatives from the Global South.


To apply:

  • Consult Planning information and prepare a budget for your participation (in Canadian dollars). The budget should include sources of funding (how much you are requesting from CCR and how much will be covered from other sources). You will need to upload this budget in PDF, MS Word or Excel format.
  • Ask someone who knows you and your organization to write a reference letter, explaining how they think you would contribute to the conference and benefit from participating. The letter should be from someone outside your organization who is knowledgeable about refugee/vulnerable migrant rights advocacy and networking. You will need to upload this letter in PDF or MS Word.
  • Complete and submit the form below by 28 February 2018.