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Surge in asylum seekers coming to Canada nothing new, community groups say 3 Aug 2017 CBC News
Le nombre de demandeurs d'asile au Québec a triplé depuis 15 jours 3 Aug 2017 La Presse
Demandeurs d'asile : Coderre dénonce Trump 2 Aug 2017 La Presse
Les autorités canadiennes dépassées par la vague de demandeurs d'asile, déplorent les douaniers 2 Aug 2017 La Presse
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'It was the happiest moment': Asylum seekers who took risky Central American corridor cross into Canada 10 Jul 2017 CBC News
El Salvador woman at the heart of legal challenge to Safe Third Country Agreement 10 Jul 2017 CBC News
Canada’s ‘Safe Third Country’ agreement isn’t really holding back that many refugees: advocates 7 Jul 2017 Global News
Canada-U.S. refugee agreement to be challenged in court 7 Jul 2017 Radio Canada International
Activists challenge 'unsafe' US-Canada pact that prompts refugees to flee by foot 7 Jul 2017 The Guardian
El Salvadoran asylum seeker takes Canada to court over refugee law 7 Jul 2017 The Globe and Mail
Ban on Refugee Claimants from US Faces Court Challenge 6 Jul 2017 The Tyee
Entente sur les tiers pays sûrs : les tribunaux interpellés 5 Jul 2017 La presse canadienne
Groups ask Federal Court to strike down Safe Third Country deal with the U.S. 5 Jul 2017 CBC
Canada urged to suspend refugee agreement with U.S. 5 Jul 2017 Radio Canada International
Canada urged to suspend refugee agreement with U.S. 4 Jul 2017 Radio Canada International
Asylum seeker's three-year trek ends in tragedy 4 Jul 2017 The National Post