Media articles: Family Reunification

Title Date
Les larmes de bonheur de Kalala 18 Dec 2014
Nova Scotia immigrant faces long wait for family to join her 17 Dec 2014
Winnipeg refugee the face of a global crisis 15 Dec 2014
Happy yule for family reunited after 12 years 12 Dec 2014
Group pushes for Express-Entry-style program to speed family reunification 9 Dec 2014
Family reunification efforts frustrate Ontario woman 24 Oct 2014
Réfugiés syrien, il tente de refaire sa vie à Montréal 24 Oct 2014
Foreign caregivers backlog grows as families wait for residency 19 Oct 2014
Foreign caregivers backlog grows as families wait for residency 19 Oct 2014
Syrian Canadians want program to bring in relatives 7 Oct 2014
New age limits on dependents have immigrant advocates crying foul 8 Sep 2014
Tories strike another blow to Canada’s once-humane immigration policy 4 Aug 2014
Canada tightens rules on immigrant and refugee children 28 Jul 2014
Canada Day a dream come true for African immigrant and his daughter 1 Jul 2014
Karen Talosig heartbroken over 4-year wait to bring deaf daughter to Canada 29 May 2014
Church works to bring family in refugee camp to Canada 29 May 2014
Retaining Refugees: Power of kin overlooked 27 May 2014
Immigrants who arrive in Canada before age 9 more likely to stay in school 14 May 2014
Think-tank urges family immigration 14 May 2014
Passing tab to families who bring in elderly immigrants takes burden off taxpayers, Kenney says 28 Mar 2014
Ottawa floats idea of making immigrant spouses meet language and education equirements 21 Mar 2014
Encore un effort! 19 Feb 2014
Parent, grandparent immigration stream closed for 2014 season 4 Feb 2014
Immigrant dreams die with deceased nannies 22 Jan 2014
Ottawa's new rules put parent sponsorship out of reach 16 Jan 2014
Typhoon Haiyan victim tests Canada's commitment to help 14 Jan 2014
Seven-year wait to bring grandparents to Canada frustrates Surrey family 5 Jan 2014
Langley mother yearns to re-unite with son 17 Oct 2013
Torn from family, community leader mulls leaving Hamilton 22 Sep 2013
Think-tank calls for immigration reform 29 Aug 2013