Media articles: Family Reunification

Title Date
Liberals shift immigration focus to family reunification, refugee resettlement 8 Mar 2016
Steep courier fees put immigration program's fairness in doubt 12 Jan 2016
Les libéraux déterminés à doubler le nombre annuel de familles réunifiées 4 Jan 2016
'My family is broken,' says Somalian refugee who hasn't seen son in six years 12 Nov 2015
Aid group worries non-Syrian refugees may be made to wait longer 11 Nov 2015
Afghan interpreter pins hopes on new Liberal government 2 Nov 2015
Immigration policy shift may disappoint 2 Nov 2015
Ottawa woman's family told they must flee Syrian home to get chance to come to Canada 30 Oct 2015
SETTLING IN SURREY: Surrey man hopes Liberal majority will help reunite his family 22 Oct 2015
Family reunification: the economic cost 13 Oct 2015
Is there a war on the immigrant family? 7 Oct 2015
Wait times growing for new arrivals 7 Oct 2015
Syrian man dies awaiting Quebec son's sponsorship efforts 3 Oct 2015
Laval man hopes Syrian parents' refugee bid will reunite family 28 Sep 2015
B.C. refugee forced to leave her newborn in Somalia pleads for him to come to Canada 21 Sep 2015
Toronto woman fears for family members missing in Middle East 22 Sep 2015
Delays in reuniting refugees with their children deemed 'inexcusable' 21 Sep 2015
Refugees in Canada plea for government to speed up family reunification 21 Sep 2015
Syrian refugee says there's 'no hope' for families who want to reunite in Canada 20 Sep 2015
Life has no taste now: Refugees' torturous wait for family a world away 11 Sep 2015
Groups urge Canada to reunite Syrian families 10 Sep 2015
Refugee advocates urge Canada to speed up family reunification 10 Sep 2015
Happy, happy reunion near after 11 years apart for Waterloo woman, children 22 Jul 2015
Lawyer slams $25m immigration exhibit at Pier 21 24 Jun 2015
Burundi: Ottawa renvoie des ressortissants malgré la crise 8 Jun 2015
Adam Aboushady, baby who had been stranded in Egypt, reunited with family 16 Mar 2015
Refugee family, daughter to be reunited after 4-year separation 20 Feb 2015
Long immigration process "tearing us apart", Ottawa couple says 23 Feb 2015
Adam Aboushady case: Immigration rules shouldn't separate families, experts say 2 Feb 2015
Family reunited just in time for Christmas 22 Dec 2014