Media articles: citizenship

Canadian citizenship applications decline after processing fees triple 13 Feb 2017 CBC News
Chutes des demandes de citoyenneté au Canada 13 Feb 2017 Radio-Canada
Federal government ordered to stop demanding proof of sex change surgery 14 Dec 2016 Toronto Star
Citizenship applications plummet as fees soar 12 Oct 2016 The Toronto Star
Case of Concordia student facing loss of citizenship has ‘compelling parallels’ to Monsef situation: lawyer 6 Oct 2016 National Post
McCallum grilled over law allowing citizenship to be revoked with no hearing 5 Oct 2016 The Brandon Sun
Senate looking to change controversial citizenship law 27 Sep 2016 The Canadian Press
Ottawa a privilégié certains réfugiés 21 Jul 2016 Le Devoir
Don't hold immigration detainees in provincial prisons 19 Jul 2016 The Star
Children born abroad to Canadians may end up as "lost Canadians" 15 Jul 2016 The Globe and Mail
Liberals edge closer to repealing Conservative citizenship changes, though Senate remains a wildcard 11 May 2016 Hill Times
Gaps in Ottawa’s detection of citizenship fraud, auditor finds 3 May 2016 Globe and Mail
‘Politically motivated’ changes in Bill C-6 ease language rules for immigrants: Tories 12 Apr 2016 Global News
Spouses of Canadians to get permanent residency immediately: McCallum 29 Feb 2016 Hill Times
Liberals unveil changes to contentious Citizenship Act 25 Feb 2016 Toronto Star
Liberals move to overhaul rules on revoking, granting citizenship 25 Feb 2016 CBC
Liberals to repeal citizenship law Bill C-24: immigration minister 23 Feb 2016 Globe and Mail
Changes coming soon to Citizenship Act, John McCallum says 18 Feb 2016 CBC News
Wait-times for Canadian citizenship pushing two years - Regina 26 Nov 2015 Global News
Liberals to fully restore refugee health-care cuts, says John McCallum 7 Nov 2015 CBC Radio (The House)
Lawyer in niqab case says Canada must confront anti-Muslim sentiment 30 Oct 2015 Globe and Mail
Toronto 18 member Saad Khalid fights revocation of citizenship in latest challenge to controversial law 28 Oct 2015 National Post
'Delayed Citizens' Escape Campaign Attention 19 Oct 2015 New Canadian Media
How Stephen Harper has been economical with the truth 15 Oct 2015 Toronto Star
Thousands of new Canadians barred from voting with Citizenship Act changes 9 Oct 2015 CBC News
Is there a war on the immigrant family? 7 Oct 2015 Hill Times
Canadian-born Saad Gaya, convicted terrorist, targeted for revocation of citizenship 1 Oct 2015 CBC News
Canada revokes citizenship of Toronto 18 ringleader using new anti-terror law 26 Sep 2015 National Post
Court dismisses federal appeal over niqab at citizenship ceremonies 15 Sep 2015 CTV News
Court challenge slams new Citizenship Act as anti-Canadian 20 Aug 2015 Toronto Star